CAVO PER MACCHINE LIFEFITNESS - Cavo PSADC 105-19.05 mm Pro 2 LifeFitness - OEM: 7423723

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  • SKU 3ZCAV-LF73

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Weight Cavo per LifeFitness Assisted Dip Chin Models Questo weight cavo è adatto per LifeFitness PSADC e PSADCSE assisted dip chin machinesThe cavo also è adatto per il Hammer Select assisted dip chin modello HS-ADCCable è 105-19.05 mm long e6.35 mm diameterThe manufacturer recommends that cavi be inspected weekly after installation e replaced annually.

Item Type: Cable, Nylon Coated Wire Cavo OEM Number: 7423723 Lunghezza: 2686.05 mm Diametro Esterno:6.35 mm

Strength Products Cable, Kevlar, Pulleys & Hardware Ricambio per Type Nylon Coated Cavo Ricambio per Brand LifeFitness Strength Pro 2 Series Assisted Dip Chin PSADC, Serial# PSADC000358 - Up Ricambio per Brand LifeFitness Strength Hammer Strength HS-ADC Assisted Dip Chin