CABLE FOR LIFEFITNESS MACHINES - PSADC Cable 105-19.05 mm Pro 2 LifeFitness - OEM: 7423723

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Weight Cable for LifeFitness Assisted Dip Chin Models This weight cable is suitable for LifeFitness PSADC and PSADCSE assisted dip chin machinesThe cable is also suitable for the Hammer Select assisted dip chin model HS-ADCCable is 105-19.05 mm long and6.35 mm diameterThe manufacturer recommends that cables be inspected weekly after installation and replaced annually.

Item Type: Cable, Nylon Coated Wire Cavo OEM Number: 7423723 Lunghezza: 2686.05 mm Diametro Esterno:6.35 mm

Strength Products Cable, Kevlar, Pulleys & Hardware Ricambio per Type Nylon Coated Cavo Ricambio per Brand LifeFitness Strength Pro 2 Series Assisted Dip Chin PSADC, Serial# PSADC000358 - Up Ricambio per Brand LifeFitness Strength Hammer Strength HS-ADC Assisted Dip Chin