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Product description:
The Hip Trust Pro equipment is an essential tool for workouts dedicated to strengthening the gluteal, lower limbs and hip muscles. Designed with high-quality materials and a sturdy construction, this tool offers a safe and effective training experience. With Hip Trust Pro, you can maximize your strength, endurance and muscular power to achieve extraordinary results in improving your athletic performance.

Main features:

Designed for hip training: Hip Trust Pro offers a wide and stable platform that allows you to perform the hip thrust exercise safely and efficiently. The tool is adaptable to different heights and angles to meet the needs of each user.

Sturdy Construction: Made with a solid construction of durable steel, Hip Trust Pro offers a stable and durable base that can support heavy weights during intense workouts. It is designed to withstand the most demanding stresses and ensure long life.

Comfort and safety: The tool is equipped with padded and adjustable pads, which offer optimal comfort while performing exercises. The quick locking system allows you to easily adjust the desired height and angle, ensuring correct posture and greater safety during training.

Versatility: Hip Trust Pro allows you to vary the intensity of your workouts thanks to the possibility of adding additional weights such as plates or dumbbells. This way, you can customize the resistance and tailor the equipment to your specific fitness level and goals.

Technical specifications:

Material: Resistant steel
Dimensions (assembled): 160cm (length) x 90cm (width) x 60cm (height)
Maximum weight supported: 150 kg
Weight of the equipment: 110 kg

With Hip Trust Pro, you can transform your glute training by achieving visible results and improving your sports performance. Add this tool to your workout routine.